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Marriage Media
Week of June 25, 2011
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1. She Said Things About Divorce That No One Wanted to Hear, The New York Times

Ms. Wallerstein studied 131 children from 60 divorced families beginning in 1971, and found, as she followed them into adulthood, that the impact of their parents’ divorce appeared to follow them, too.

2. Baby Boomer Divorce Rate Doubles, CNN

“We have high expectations for what constitutes a good marriage today and we’re looking for self-fulfillment and individual happiness in our relationships,” Brown said.

3. 10 Ways to Live Like Honeymooners, Good Housekeeping

Change Topics: Newlyweds usually don’t spend endless hours carrying on about work, carpooling, or annoying PTA parents. Don’t be a broken record of complaints.

4. The Surprising Health Effects of Empathy, Medical Daily

Those who lack the ability to empathize often pick up the stress of others without knowing why – a concept that researchers call “second-hand stress”.

5. Marriage Advice: Tying the Knot Frees a Guy to Become a Man, News Sentinel

Burt found when one twin married, his antisocial behaviors dropped by 30 percent compared to his unmarried twin. The reduction happened for both men who started with low levels of antisocial behavior and those who started with high levels.

6. Love Means (Occasionally) Having to Say You`re Sorry: Study,

When apologies were offered, they predicted forgiveness only for men and women who were highly satisfied with their relationships. Those individuals were more likely to judge contrition as being sincere, and perceived sincerity predicted forgiveness.

7. How My View on Gay Marriage Changed, The New York Times

So my intention is to try something new. Instead of fighting gay marriage, I’d like to help build new coalitions bringing together gays who want to strengthen marriage with straight people who want to do the same.

For more, see David Blankenhorn And The Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage, WNPR.

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