How Being a Parent Makes You Think About Death

04.05.2012, 4:58 PM

Just read a beautiful reflection on parenthood by writer Rachel Sherman.  I remember realizing after our oldest son was born that his pain and his death would crush me in ways that my pain and my death never will.

I would die a thousand deaths to keep my children from feeling theirs.


2 Responses to “How Being a Parent Makes You Think About Death”

  1. Anna says:

    So true. You would like this poem, then, I think:

    “My Son, My Executioner”, Donald Hall

    My son, my executioner
    I take you in my arms
    Quiet and small and just astir
    and whom my body warms

    Sweet death, small son,
    our instrument of immortality,
    your cries and hunger document
    our bodily decay.

    We twenty two and twenty five,
    who seemed to live forever,
    observe enduring life in you
    and start to die together.

  2. Amy Ziettlow says:

    Beautiful. I love Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon. Thanks for sharing.