From China: ‘Gao cries less’

02.13.2012, 12:52 PM

Yes, in a country with a forced one-child policy, and the abortion and international adoption rates that result, plus orphanages packed with ”unadoptable” disabled children, surrogacy is booming. Go figure.

Two years after giving away the baby boy she’d carried for nine months, Gao cries less. His new mum treats him well, and she finds comfort in the smiling family photos uploaded online. Besides, she has her own biological seven-year-old to care for – and she’s busy searching for another infertile couple seeking a womb.

…for women such as Gao, the decision to surrogate isn’t an ethical one: it provides her family with much-needed cash, even if there’s an emotional cost. Though her husband cared for her in their home during her first surrogacy, for the next Gao plans to move out of town. “My relatives and neighbours would be sceptical if I tell them the baby is stillborn again,” she says.

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