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Week of August 22, 2011
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1. Why Marriage Matters In the News (continued from The M.Guy Tweet of August 15, 2011)

2. Census Marriage Stories from around the Country, Google Search Results (by Bill Coffin)

3. National Fatherhood Initiative Honors Google Chrome With Fatherhood Award™, PRWeb

Roland C. Warren, president of NFI, said, “In our 17 years of tracking cultural statements about the importance of fatherhood, the ‘Dear Sophie’ film stands out as one of the most positive messages we have ever found. Dads love technology, so Google has really hit the mark by showing men how technology can help them be the kinds of dads their children need.” ‘Dear Sophie’ can be viewed at Google Chrome’s You Tube Channel,, or at NFI’s Fatherhood Awards™ page,

4. Marriage, Human Capital, and Our Fiscal Crisis, Pat Fagan’s Blog

Our Fiscal Crisis: We Cannot Tax, Spend and Borrow Enough to Substitute for Marriage. . . The continual slowdown in America’s GDP growth is explained by the decrease in marriage and families that are focused on children. As a nation, we’re no longer concerned with investing in our future by investing in the next generation. Our newest paper (linked above) plays out how stable married families and national economic growth are related.

5. Does Anybody Care about 11-year-old Flash-Mobbers?, The Washington Examiner

Particularly instructive in this instance is where the 11-year-old ended up: in the custody of his grandmother. We don’t know what the boy’s mother and father are doing right about now, but we know what they aren’t doing: parenting their son. . . Today about 70 percent of black homes have no father. Forty-six years ago, when Daniel Patrick Moynihan told the country that this was a national crisis, that figure was 25 percent. Did anybody listen to him?

6. An Ounce of Prevention: Policy Prescriptions to Reduce the Prevalence of Fragile Families, The Brookings Institute

Finally, the authors present simulations of the costs and effects of three policy initiatives—a mass media campaign that encourages men to use condoms, a teen pregnancy prevention program that discourages sexual activity and educates participants about proper contraceptive use, and an expansion in access to Medicaid-subsidized contraception. All three have benefit-cost ratios that are comfortably greater than one, making them excellent social investments that can actually save taxpayer dollars.

7. 7 Ways to Put Your Marriage First, WebMD

  • Start small.
  • Have kid-free conversations.
  • Stay in touch during the day.
  • Try new things together.
  • Bring on the PDA.
  • Make pleasure a priority.
  • Don’t be a martyr.


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