Welcoming Barry Deutsch

09.08.2010, 11:24 PM

Please join me in welcoming Barry Deutsch as a guest blogger at FamilyScholars. Long-time FS readers will recognize him as Ampersand, a frequent contributor to discussion in our comments. While “Amp” and I have often had our disagreements I’ve always appreciated his cheery tone and sharp analysis.

Barry Deutsch blogs at Alas, a Blog and his political cartoons can be seen at www.leftycartoons.com (warning, some “mature” language used to make an artistic point).  I’m very happy to announce that his graphic novel, Hereville,  (“a comic book about an 11-year-old troll-fighting Orthodox Jewish girl”!) is being released this November. You can pre-order it now or find it in a bookstore near you this fall.

Welcome, Barry!

(Oh, and check out this wonderful review of Hereville by School Library Journal blogger Elizabeth Bird.)

6 Responses to “Welcoming Barry Deutsch”

  1. Peter Hoh says:

    Yay! This is terrific news.

  2. John Howard says:

    We had some good arguments at Alas five or six years ago. I just spent an hour rereading almost 200 comments on this one, and I think I did a pretty good job fending off the ridiculous arguments that came from all directions.

    It was interesting to see this comment again, and nostalgic for the early days before everyone was stopped from ever talking about same-sex procreation:

    The current poll on the OutInAtlanta.com home page is this:

    If stem cells could give gay couples genetically-related kids, would you prefer such a method over adoption?

    Yes – 57% – 744 votes
    No – 25% – 326 votes
    Maybe – 18% – 235 votes
    (1305 responses)

  3. Thanks very much, all of you. I’ve just posted my first (ridiculously wordy) post, and look forward to future posts and future discussions here.

    And John, I will try to provide you with even more ridiculous arguments to fend off. :-P

  4. Stephanie says:

    Welcome Barry!