Civility Policy for

01.07.2013 8:52 AM

Welcome to FamilyScholars! We’re an online forum for people who want to discuss family and marriage issues and scholarship related to those issues. We are a diverse group. People of many backgrounds and viewpoints come together here for serious engagement and debate. 

On this site, we insist on civility. By civility, we mean a well-mannered use of language and argumentation which consistently demonstrates decency, sincerity, and mutual respect. We insist on civility because, without it, powerful arguments remain hidden and serious engagement is not possible.  

In short, our civility policy has always been: be powerful, be rigorous, be funny, but don’t be mean. In doing so, here are some things we hope you’ll keep in mind. Please be mindful of how your words can affect others. Recognize that even if it is not your intent, your words may wound and hurt. It is your responsibility to demonstrate sensitivity to others and to treat every member of the conversation with respect. In your exchanges with others, sincere misunderstanding may occur. We suggest that you try first to clarify or seek clarification, and assume good faith on the part of the commenter before jumping to a conclusion. If you feel yourself becoming upset, angry, tired, or hungry, you might consider taking a break, getting a snack, or writing a draft of your rebuttal comment using pencil and paper so as to ensure that at the end of the day the comment you submit reflects your best self. 

The following things are not permitted on this site:

  1. Rude or profane language
  2. Personal attacks
  3. Comments that are off topic

In terms of enforcement, here are the rules:

  1. Moderators will delete any offensive comment and may issue a warning to the violator.
  2. A participant who continues to violate the policy may be banned from contributing.
  3. We do not entertain protests about our civility policy or its enforcement in the comments section, unless feedback is directly requested by editors.

That’s it!  Many thanks. Now go have fun.