Andrew Root on FamilyScholars Conversations

04.23.2013, 4:22 PM

I had the pleasure of conversing with Andrew Root, Professor of Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary, author of The Children of Divorce among many other books, and contributor to the Does the Shape of Faith Shape Families? project.  Click here to access the podcast through our FamilyScholars Conversations podcast channel on ITunes or click here to access our feed directly.  You can subscribe in either place and as always, click 5 stars!

Andy and I discuss the Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith? project, his theological work in general, Bonhoeffer’s laundry letters and even Back to the Future.  It’s a an adventure in philosophy, faith and pop culture.  Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Andrew Root on FamilyScholars Conversations”

  1. Diane M says:

    The link to access the feed directly does not work.

  2. Diane M says:

    What strikes me from the discussion is the importance of listening to children and being open to what they say. Not necessarily what parents always want to hear, I’m afraid.