‘The Benefits of Positive Parenting’

02.21.2013, 10:31 PM

David Bornstein writing at the NYT:

Improving the way people parent might seem an impossible challenge, given the competing views about what constitutes good parenting. Can we influence a behavior that is rooted in upbringing and culture, affected by stress, and occurs mainly in private? And even if we could reach large populations with evidence-based messages the way public health officials got people to quit smoking, wear seat belts or apply sunscreen, would it have an impact?

5 Responses to “‘The Benefits of Positive Parenting’”

  1. Diane M says:

    Yes! But the way to influence parenting is probably not “evidence-based messages.”

    What you need is some way to get in there and mentor young parents. The best programs I’ve seen include:

    A parenting hotline for advice and

    Centers for parents to come hang out with their kids and meet each other with trained people and toys modelling parenting. And some support groups for parents and occasional classes.

    Unfortunately, these programs tend to get cut in hard times.

  2. Philip Cohen says:

    Oh, what ARE we going to do about them an their bad parenting? I’ll have to give that some leisurely thought while low paid service workers who haven’t had a raise in years, working with no benefits and no job security, at odd hours and with long commutes, attend to my every material need

  3. Elizabeth Marquardt says:

    That’s funny, Philip, I kind of imagined it as an “us” problem. There are a lot of days I could be a better mother.

  4. Diane M says:

    The article is about helping all parents. It’s specifically aimed at ending spanking and child abuse. It’s an idealistic goal, but a good one.

    I’m with Elizabeth Marquardt – all new parents can use some help.

    @Philip Cohen – so are you against efforts to educate parents?

  5. Luis says:

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