To commenters at FamilyScholars

11.07.2012, 6:23 PM

You are our guest here and we require civility in our discussions. Please remember that criticizing someone’s religion or wholesale negative characterizations about particular religions is uncivil and will not be tolerated here.

Also, as I’ve said before, this blog is not the place to debate the aims, methods, or purported motivations of the National Organization for Marriage. You can visit their website or many other blogs where you can indulge in that conversation.

A final reminder: debating our civility policy is itself a violation of the civility policy and will not be tolerated. Repeat violators of the civility policy will be banned from commenting here.

3 Responses to “To commenters at FamilyScholars”

  1. Could you please clarify the no-criticizing-religion rule?

    For instance, if I wanted to critique a biblical interpretation, or to criticize historic and ongoing attitudes towards queers of a particular religion (or of several religions), is that allowed?


  2. Barry I think that’s fine. One liners and nasty or dismissive swipes at religious bodies or people is what we’re clamping down on.

  3. marilynn says:

    You got to be careful not to get all Animal Farm in Pleasantville though.

    A long time ago I was trying to comment on something Maggie Gallagher wrote. I’d never heard of her before. It all sounded great then took this horrible turn for the worse and I kind of recoiled from what I was reading about gay people. I used the B word and got edited and then I tried to explain it without that word I tried Prejudice and that got cut and I tried discrimination and that got cut and I was like what words do I have left to discribe (insert B word). It was pretty frustrating because it felt like the whole thought was being censored and not just the word.

    Its good to be polite though. Its hard sometimes to express a thought when the words I need are on the banned list. I don’t need to swear though, I know that’s not even necessary.