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Marriage Media
Week of June 18, 2011
Courtesy of Bill Coffin

1. Most Currently Married Women have Been Married for at Least Fifteen Years, Family Facts – Heritage Foundation

Compared to 1996, recent current marriages tend to be slightly more enduring, regardless of race, reflecting the leveling off of divorces and longer life expectancy, according to the Census Bureau.

2. Marriage: A Living, Breathing Thing, The Washington Post

I reflected on the pastor’s comment and considered that marriage, itself, must be loved, nurtured, protected, and raised like a child. I considered that each marriage, also, may be as unique as an individual.

3. The Truth about the Financial, Emotional, and Parental Hardships of Divorce, Deseret News

But, interestingly, there was only one item about the biggest cost of divorce being, perhaps obviously, its emotional toll. So maybe that’s worth revisiting at a time of year, summer, known for its weddings.

4. Can New Bachelorette Emily Maynard Find Love Again? Yes, She Can — If She Follows These Steps, The Huffington Post

But spouses who were able to share responsibility for the breakup or who blamed the relationship itself (“We grew apart,” or “We were ill-matched.”) fared better in terms of emotional healing and were more likely to find a new partnership.

5. Is “Good Fighting” Beneficial to Marriage?, Relationship Skills Center

Here are a few other tips from Doherty on “good fighting”:

  • Focus only on the topic at hand; don’t bring up old issues.
  • Don’t bring in third parties or their opinions.
  • Don’t use “you always/never”.

6. It Takes a Marriage to Raise a Child, Capitalism & Democracy = Peace

Still, Coming Apart is correct: you can’t grasp what’s happening at the lower end of the income scale without talking about family breakdown. . . the single-mother revolution.

7. What Makes a Healthy Marriage: Area Therapist Offers Insight, MassLive

I recently interviewed five couples who have been married 60 or more years. . . They all shared the common foundation of deep commitment to each other from the first day of their wedded life. They all married thinking that divorce was not an option.

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