Baby Boom Money Squeeze Going to Get Tighter

06.08.2012, 10:52 AM

More from the great “Family Matters” series that NPR has been conducting on caregiving and multi-generational households:

“More than 50 million Americans reside in multigenerational homes. And in many of these households, middle-aged “children” are caring for elderly parents, as well as providing shelter for their own grown children. In many cases, family members are making big financial sacrifices to help each other.

But the squeeze may get even tighter for future households because boomers generally had fewer children, and more divorces, compared with the World War II generation. A Pew Research Center analysis of census data found that the boomer generation “offers its elderly parents about 50 percent more grown children with whom they can share a household.”

Three decades from now, a much smaller base of “Gen X” children will be trying to help care for more elderly loved ones, including biological parents as well as stepparents.”  Read more…

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