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05.20.2012, 10:01 AM

I met Al Gore when he was VP and liked him, but learning in the tabloids about his “latest squeeze” somehow made me feel sad and old. I remember when he — and it seems to me, the country — was a bit different.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the tabloids. What is it that you object to in the former Vice President’s girlfriend? She seems to be a serious person who shared his passion for environmental protection. What’s so wrong with that. I confess that I adore Tipper and thought that they were a wonderful couple. But whatever private issues they may have had is none of my business. I wish both of them well in their now separate lives.

  2. If you mean that sometimes married couples separate and go on to date other people — I’m sorry, but the country hasn’t changed much at all. Nancy was Ron’s third wife, wasn’t she?

    At least Gore (as far as we know) waited until being separated for a year or two; that compares favorably to all the past presidents who have slept around while married.

    And, although he was single, think of Grover Cleveland’s illegitimate child becoming an issue when he was running for president. The golden age was never.

    I’m actually kind of relieved that Gore is dating someone who is more-or-less the same generation as him; when I read the description of her as his “squeeze,” I was mentally preparing to click through to a report of him dating someone half his age.

    * * *

    Karen (not Karen Clark, other Karen): That’s a really disgusting story, nothing but slimy insinuations and using tragedy for partisan purposes. The person who wrote it should be ashamed.

  3. David Blankenhorn says:

    Nancy was Reagan’s second wife (after I think Jane Wyman?). And I think Reagan was our first divorced president … I’m not trying to finger-point at Gore; I wish him happiness. I’m just saying, a serious guy that I knew, in his sixties, on cruises with his latest squeeze … just personally seems to me to be a bit sad, somehow.

  4. La Lubu says:

    Why does it seem sad to you? If their relationship deepens and he marries her, will it still seem sad?