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Marriage Media
Week of April 30, 2011
Courtesy of Bill Coffin


1. Population Association of America 2012 Annual Meeting Program, Princeton University

[Presentations include:]

56 Non-Marital and Diverse Family Forms Thu 3:30
61 Public Policy and Families Around the World Thu 3:30
74 Families and Well-Being among Older Adults Fri 8:30
79 European Families and Well-Being Fri 8:30
82 Same-Sex Partnerships Fri 8:30
87 Non-Standard Work Schedules and Family Fri 8:30

2. Marriage Breakdown a Scourge, Says High Court Judge, BBC News

“We all know, all of us who have been in relationships – whether married or unmarried – for a long time… that the only way that they are made to work and the only way that they become really qualitatively good is by absolutely grinding away at it. . . That’s when people find that, actually, if they get through the difficulties and do get the help, they will in fact end up with a product that is really worth having.”

3. Women Say ‘I do’ to Education, Then Marriage, Chicago Tribune

“They marry later, but they catch up,” said England. “By age 40, 75 percent of college-educated women are married, compared to 70 percent of those who attend high school or some college and 60 percent of those who did not complete high school.”

4. Strategies for Building Healthy Relationship Skills Among Couples Affected by Incarceration, ASPE Report

“Even for lengthy periods of incarceration, communication and conflict resolution skills could result in more supportive relationships, improved co-parenting, and increased familial contact — all of which could be beneficial upon the individual’s eventual release.”[Excerpt from Summary]

5. Two Happy Marriages Help Get San Francisco Giants Pitcher Barry Zito on Track, MercuryNews

Zito confesses that his two “marriages” might be having a profound impact on his turnaround. . . “I have to put as much attention and focus off the field now as I do on the field, and I think that’s good,” he said. “You just need something to bring you down from the intensity of the job, and if you don’t have that in your life, it’s just going to be a lot more difficult.”

6. Catholic Parishes and the Marriage Crisis, CatholicVote

An independent study by the Institute for Research and Evaluation (IRE) found the organization reduced divorce rates by an average of 17.5% over seven years in a city/county, with nearly a tenth cutting divorce rates 48% to 70% (e.g., Austin, TX, Kansas City, Mo., Modesto, Calif. and El Paso, Texas).

7. Author: Integrity Is Most Difficult Part of Being Good Father, The Christian Post

The “seven M’s” are: makeup, master, mission, message, motive, method, and model. Each of these essentials has a chapter devoted to not only explaining what they are, but also offering advice on them and examples of notable fathers who excel in these areas.

For more, see here.

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