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Marriage Media
Week of April 23, 2011
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1. Baby Boomer Divorce on the Rise, NBC Nightly News Video

“Two divorces, two different reasons, but one thing in common. They’re part of the growing number of married couples in their 50s and 60s calling it quits. Researchers at Bowling Green University found the divorce rate among those 50 and older nearly doubled between 1990 and 2009 while the overall rate held steady.”

2. Married Special-Operations Troops Feel Strains of War, USA Today

He began fighting for his marriage in 2008 only after an 18-year-old daughter’s simple admonition regarding the last time he was home for her Dec. 27 birthday. “She goes, ‘Dad, I was 10,’ and she turned around and walked out of the room,” Chris Faris says. “Every day that (has) passed, I realized I’m going to die with regrets.”

3. The Brain on Love, The New York Times

[W]e inhabit a mirror-world in which every important relationship, whether with spouse, friend or child, shapes the brain, which in turn shapes our relationships. . . “Scientific studies of longevity, medical and mental health, happiness and even wisdom,” Dr. Siegel says, “point to supportive relationships as the most robust predictor of these positive attributes in our lives across the life span.”

4. Family Fact of the Week: Marriage Protects Women and Children from Violence, Heritage Foundation

Most notably, children living with a single parent and the parent’s romantic partner are approximately 10 times as likely to be physically abused and 20 times as likely to be sexually abused. Even children living with both biological parents are at heightened risk of physical abuse (over four times as likely) and sexual abuse (nearly five times as likely) if their parents are not married.

5. ‘What Were You Thinking?’ For Couples, New Source of Online Friction, The New York Times

“There is a standard negotiation that takes place in lots of relationships, but now there are multiple audiences watching,” said Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, which explores technology and human behavior. “There will be awkward moments, even more so if that negotiation is played out in public.”

6. A Picture Worth a Thousand Memories: Show Us the ‘Love that Lasts,’ USA Today

USA WEEKEND wants to recognize long-standing loves. Share your photos of devoted pairs — the ones who have built families and households and who still look across the room at each other and smile like newlyweds. Upload your photos at

7. Money Habitudes: How To Be Rich in Life & Love wins Excellence in Financial Literacy Education Award, OpenPR

“It is often very difficult for people to talk about money. The idea behind Money Habitudes was to make talking about money fun and to help people understand their money type in an engaging, nonjudgmental, non-threatening way – whether they are adults or high school students,” said Syble Solomon, the creator of Money Habitudes.

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