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Posted By Jolyn Rudelson On 09.10.2011 @ 7:06 PM In General | Comments Disabled


This Sunday 9/11/11 we are commemorating the tenth anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and the crash of the three airplanes used as the weapons of delivery.  A day now referred to as Patriots Day. No one disputes the importance of this day, the impact it has had on our nation or the need for it’s citizens to forever remember the loss of human life that occurred on that date.  The coincidence of date has seemed to obscure the fact that 9/11/11 is also the date for the observance of National Grandparent’s Day.


Some think that the anniversary of this nation’s greatest tragedy must be given the major focus.  Even D.J. McQuade-Lancaster, the daughter of Grandparent’s Day founder Marian McQuade was quoted as saying, “The two events wouldn’t have been a good fit.”  The organization Generations United, hosts of an annual rally in Washington each year must have agreed: they moved their event to September 15.   I guess the thought being Grandparent’s Day is suppose to be a happy day.



To signify the autumn years of life, the organizers considered the month of September as the perfect time of year to observe Grandparent’s Day.   In 1979 President Jimmy Carter officially proclaimed Grandparent’s Day and the second Sunday of September was the time chosen.   These two observances will forever occur at the same time of year, whether days apart or on the same day.


Should the remembrance of 9/11 preclude the observance of Grandparent’s Day?  No the two are not mutually exclusive.  Although there are no official statistics kept of the number of grandparents who were victims of 9/11, the probability appears to be that there were many.  The fact that the majority of the victims of 9/11 were so young under the age of 39 would also indicate there are a great number of grandparents who are among the living mourners of such precious loss.


But that is not the only reason that 9/11 and Grandparent’s Day should be forever linked.  Grandparents are the family’s  memory keepers.  Among them are the ones who still personally remember the meaning of December 7th, and November 11th and now September 11th, the life changing events of our recent generations. Grandparents have always been the depositories of understanding of these events, the ones to pass on their meaning to those who follow.  So it is appropriate to honor them on such an important day and  to remember those grandparents who live now only in memory.


So on this memorable day of 9/11/11 let us honor those who died that fateful day by stopping to remember them and those they left to carry on. Also we must not forget those that survived the horror of that day and are still living with it’s aftermath.  And in that same spirit of reverence and remembrance seek out the grandparents in your family this Grandparent’s Day and let them share their memories with you both happy and sad. Don’t forget, whenever you are with your family, whatever the occasion never miss  the opportunity to say, “I love you.”


I wish all grandparents on their special day, blue skies and sweet lemon trees for the year ahead!








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