‘My Daddy’s Name is Donor’ Web Roundup

06.15.2010, 12:01 AM

At the Los Angeles Times blog, Booster Shots, health reporter Karen Kaplan writes, “A thought-provoking study examines the lives of people fathered by sperm donors.” At Zenit News, Father John Flynn writes on “Anonymous Parenthood.” A board member of the American Fertility Association reacts to the study. At Strollerderby another blogger (see the first time ‘round) has her say with “Sperm Donor Kids Actually Just Fine, Thanks.” Reacting to this post, commenter “Stephanie” writes:

…as a donor conceived person who is married to a pastor, neither my husband or I knew anyone (whether in church or not) who was donor conceived before I found out that I was….

And read the rest.

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